Baby Train & Founder June Johnson

juneJune is one of the most dedicated and versatile personal trainers on the westside of Los Angeles. She holds certifications from National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Fitness Professionals & Associates, Equinox Fitness Training Institute, and Kettlebell Athletics. She is a certified pre and postnatal specialist and has successfully worked with many women to continue their fitness programs before, during, and after pregnancy.

After receiving her first pre and postnatal training certification, June quickly developed a niche role for her private personal training business. Women trust her to help them strengthen their weak points before conception, to help them maintain their fitness levels safely throughout their 40 weeks of pregnancy, and to help bring them back to their ideal post-pregnancy bodies after a successful delivery and adequate rest. June understands the ins and outs of the physical and mental changes that becoming pregnant brings, and is very compassionate in her approach towards bringing complete physical and mental well-being to her clients during these times and beyond.

But that hasn’t always been June’s sole focus – she’s coached (and continues coaching) clients successfully through weight loss, body building, pre-wedding weight loss & toning, endurance training, overall strengthening, strength training through chronic illness, and general well-being programs.

June’s colorful athletic and academic past enable her to understand a wide array of personalities and goals, and she works extremely hard on creating a program that will truly fit in one’s lifestyle. She was basketball player, dancer, and participated on her college cross country and long distance track teams. She graduated with a Graphic Communication BS, worked in print and advertising, and eventually transitioned into the world of fitness after a season of volunteer coaching for the Girls on the Run non-profit in Culver City. Although she has been running for over 15 years, she started ultrarunning in 2009, ran the Boston Marathon in 2011, and completed the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run in 2011.